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Thank you so much for visiting the official Go Fund Me site for the "Extra Innings" Baseball Fundraiser! Your time and attention is truly and greatly appreciated.

Much like Bullet Brak’s 2015 “Hook Up the Little Homies” campaign where funds were raised to help children living in poverty in Greece, we are raising money this time in order to donate school supplies, clothing and uniforms, cleats, bats, gloves, and more to baseball academy students in Puerto Rico. In a country where poverty is abundant and baseball is one of the only positive outlets for children, our collective efforts during this campaign can make a significant impact.

An astonishing 58 percent of Puerto Rico’s children live below the federal poverty level—much higher than the overall rate of 22 percent of children living below the poverty line throughout the United States. Many schools in Puerto Rico struggle financially, especially baseball academies which must provide every student with not only the necessary school supplies, but sporting equipment as well. Therefore, any and all outside assistance really makes a difference. The donation of the important items mentioned above will help our chosen school continue to provide their students with a unique opportunity to simultaneously reach their athletic and academic goals.

The Extra Innings Baseball Fundraiser has chosen to support the ProBaseball High School & Academy in Cayey, Puerto Rico- an accredited high school and top notch baseball academy founded by Carlos Rivera. ProBaseball High School & Academy provides opportunities for 100 students from grades 7 through 12, and has achieved a 100% college acceptance rate, with all graduates receiving a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students of ProBaseball High School & Academy
are taught English as well as all required high school courses, and spend time each day learning the sport from dedicated coaches and staff. The goal is to prepare students for college to help them fulfill their dreams of playing baseball on a college level, and later on a professional level for some.

The fact that these types of baseball-focused schools even exist says so much about the Puerto Rican culture and the importance of baseball to their youth. Baseball academies provide such a special opportunity to the children living in Puerto Rico. School like ProBaseball High School & Academy not only provide world class athletic training, with baseball as the only extracurricular activity offered, but focus on and require above average academics from their students as well.

These children are really getting the best of both worlds, and we are so happy to have the opportunity to help support the school’s efforts. Baseball is not just a casual sport for these students, it is everything to them. With your generosity and support, we hope to reach our goals and make a significant donation to the ProBaseball High School & Academy to help keep their dreams alive.

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