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Immerse yourself in the high-quality sound and exclusive deluxe edition features of Bullet Brak's latest album, 'Philosophies.' This pre-order exclusive is a must-have for any music lover. Secure your copy now and experience the ultimate listening experience.


This deluxe edition includes:

(1) Autographed Philosophies CD

(1) Autograhed Philosophies Vinyl record

(1) Bullet Brak autographed Rapper Card

(1) BrakWood Air - Freshener

(1) Autographed Brock Holliday CD

This new project features Ruste Juxx, Supreme, Ace Cannons plus production by Corey Black Tracks, Gus Beats, Fredo Starr, J. Depina, Termanology and more!

(PRE ORDER) Bullet Brak - Philosophies (Deluxe Edition)

Shipping out April 1st, 2024
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